Presentations From April 28th Arb Public Workshop On Linkage And Sector Based Offsets

By Bella Sungkawa

On April 28th, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) hosted a public workshop focused on linkage and sector-based offsets as part of their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The workshop featured presentations from experts in the field, providing valuable insights and information on this important topic.

To ensure that attendees were able to fully grasp the key points and takeaways from the presentations, a summary document was created. This document highlighted the main topics discussed, such as the importance of offsets in achieving emission reduction goals, the different types of offsets available, and the potential benefits and challenges of implementing linkage and sector-based offsets.

In addition to the summary document, an infographic was developed to visually represent the various types of offsets that were discussed during the workshop. This visual aid helped attendees better understand the complex concepts and processes involved in offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

To gather feedback from attendees on the presentations and topics covered, a follow-up survey was conducted. This survey allowed participants to provide their thoughts and opinions on the workshop, as well as any suggestions for future events or topics of interest.

To further engage with attendees and address any questions or concerns raised during the workshop, a webinar or virtual Q&A session was hosted. This interactive session provided an opportunity for participants to delve deeper into the material presented and clarify any points of confusion.

Finally, a list of resources and additional reading materials was compiled for those interested in learning more about linkage and sector-based offsets. This resource list included reports, articles, and other materials that could help attendees further explore the topic and stay informed on the latest developments in offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

Overall, the April 28th ARB public workshop on linkage and sector-based offsets was a success, providing valuable information and insights to attendees and sparking important discussions on how to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By creating summary documents, developing visual aids, conducting surveys, hosting webinars, and compiling resources, the workshop was able to engage participants and promote further learning and discussion on this critical topic.

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