National Wildlife Federation Supports Adoption of Cap-and-Trade and Market-Based Compliance Regulation

Dear Governor Brown:

On behalf of the National Wildlife Federation, we are writing to support the continuation and advancement of California’s Cap-and-Trade program. More specifically, we urge the adoption of the proposed amendments to the cap-and-trade and market-based compliance mechanisms regulation.

In addition, we are pleased that the state’s Air Resources Board intends to consider the inclusion of greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions from tropical forests in subsequent amendments. Pursuing tropical forest credits will demonstrate California’s continued commitment to practical solutions in the fight to mitigate and adapt to our changing climate. The program will not only act as a testament to your climate leadership but will also serve as a model for the inclusion of forests in future international carbon markets. As you well know, climate change is no longer an abstract future threat but is a real and present danger to ecosystems and people. Offsets from tropical forests are essential components in a comprehensive effort to reduce the worst impacts of climate change, and a successful California program can boost the prospects for gearing up a global REDD+ program.

Tropical forests play a particularly important role in stabilizing atmospheric emissions because they are the main source of terrestrial carbon emissions , they contain massive biomass carbon stocks2 , and improved land management policies likely can be implemented faster than a transition away from carbon intensive energy production.

Read the remainder on the ARB website.

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