Governor of Mato Grosso, Brazil Supports Tropical Forest Offsets in AB32

His Excellency
Edmund Gerald Brown Jr.
Governor of the State of California – USA
State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

June 21, 2016

Subject: Support for the California State Cap-and-trade System.

Honorable Governor Brown,

The State of Mato Grosso, as a member of the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force – GCF, understands the proposal to include offsets from the forestry sector in California AB32 Program via REDD+ programs and projects as a positive initiative.

Since climate change is a global problem and forest conservation is an important solution for climate protection and biodiversity conservation, we have praised California State’s efforts to design and drive innovative solutions for tackling climate change and assist the maintenance of forests elsewhere in the world.

Over the past few years, Mato Grosso has worked hard to fight illegal deforestation and to implement economic instruments which can promote the conservation of tropical forests. In this sense, the compensation of part of the emissions included in the California Cap-and-trade System is positive for the consolidation of an international REDD+ mechanism that will bring real benefits for the climate, communities and forest conservation, in Brazil and other developing countries.

The Brazilian Amazon States have significantly reduced emissions of greenhouse gases from deforestation. Among these states, Mato Grosso has reached the highest percentage of reduced deforestation in the forest, and has registered the highest area amount in CAR (CadastroAmbiental Rural, a mandatory electronic registration to all rural properties in Brazil), of about 67 million hectares. The implementation of the REDD+ mechanism in our state is of fundamental importance to compensate for the efforts made by governments and local communities. Therefore, we believe that California should continue to lead the inclusion of REDD+ within its system, since this approach allows a significant and permanent funding provision, complementary to the mechanisms currently under discussion in the UN Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Kind regards,

Pedro Taques
Governador do Estado de Mato Grosso

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