If a tree falls in Brazil…? Amazon deforestation could mean droughts for western U.S.

Posted November 7, 2013; 10:00 a.m. by Morgan Kelly, Office of Communications, News at Princeton In research meant to highlight how the destruction of the Amazon rainforest could affect climate elsewhere, Princeton University-led researchers report that the total deforestation of the Amazon may significantly reduce rain and snowfall in the western United States, resulting in water […]

CapRadio: California Considers Expanding Cap-And-Trade To Prevent Global Deforestation

“The projects that we’re looking at are supported by the locals,” says Dave Clegern, a spokesman with the California Air Resources Board. “They are what is known as sector-based projects, which means that they would be run in conjunction with the government of that country which would provide the opportunity for regular monitoring, verification of […]

Tropical Rainforests are Part of the Global Climate Solution

Earth Day 2016 will go down in the history books as the day the world took action on climate change. Last Friday, representatives from 175 nations signed the Paris Agreement, which sets climate targets and includes pledges from every country to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – the critical next step in combating climate change […]

Can trading save the Amazon?

by John Fialka, E&E special correspondent to ClimateWire One morning two days before Christmas in 1988, Chico Mendes, the leader of a group of rubber tree tappers, walked into his backyard to take a shower. That was his routine. Two gunmen were waiting for him there, and when he appeared, they stitched his tall body […]

Huff Post: Why Indigenous People Should Care About California’s Cap-and-Trade Program

by Forest Trends | 05/05/2016  The US state of California has slashed greenhouse-gas emissions while powering one of North America’s strongest economies, largely by embracing a system of “cap-and-trade” that promotes fair and efficient emission reductions across the energy sector. As the state expands its programs, policymakers are considering a provision that will make it possible for cap-and-trade […]

Brazilian Coalition urges California to adopt tropical forest credits into Cap and Trade program

The Brazilian Coalition is composed of more than 110 Brazilian companies, research centers and civil society organizations with the objective of debate on climate change, and has a strong presence in the formulation and monitoring of public policies for climate in Brazil. April 27, 2016 The Honorable Governor Jerry Brown c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173 Sacramento, […]

Researchers collect indigenous stories to fill climate change data gaps

NEW YORK, April 29 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Canadian scientists have collected stories from more than 90,000 people whose traditional ways of life rely on nature, in an effort to capture signs of climate change where weather stations are absent. Their findings, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, fill a knowledge gap in climate […]

ARB Cap-and-Trade Workshop on Linkage and Sector-Based Offsets‏

Purpose of Workshop The April 28, 2016 workshop will continue the public process to develop potential 2016 amendments to the Cap-and-Trade Regulation (Regulation). ARB staff will present the regulatory and statutory (SB 1018) linkage process as these would relate to linkage with the Cap-and-Trade Program in Ontario, Canada. During the workshop, staff will also continue […]

Presentation: Ongoing Evaluation of the Potential for Sector-Based Offset Credits in California’s Cap-and-Trade Program

This workshop was held on March 22, 2016. White papers and background materials are available at the ARB website. Workshop Agenda Introduction Overview of ongoing evaluation Technical topics Program Scope and Crediting Pathway Reference Level Lunch Break Technical Topics Crediting Baseline Monitoring and Reporting Requirements Possible Next Steps California Air Resources Board Staff Technical Paper Evaluation of […]