Under 2 MOU – Subnational Global Climate Leadership Memorandum of Understanding

Learn more about the Under 2 MOU by visiting under2mou.org

California and Mexico to Collaborate on Climate, Forests

Governor Brown gave a lift to global efforts to combat deforestation on Monday when he signed an historic agreement with the Mexico Forestry Commission and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to collaboratively address climate change. The Memorandum of Understanding encourages partners to work together on reducing emissions from deforestation, along with renewable energy […]

Report: Protecting Community Forest Rights Helps Reduce Carbon Emissions

A new, exhaustive analysis of community forest rights across the globe links the protection of those rights to reducing carbon emissions from deforestation. The report, produced by the World Resources Institute and the Rights and Resources Initiative, suggests that building and strengthening systems of land rights and tenure for forest dependent communities is an effective […]

California Pursuing Closer Climate Collaboration with Mexico

This Sunday, July 27, California Governor Jerry Brown will begin a trade mission to Mexico, emphasizing international cooperation in combatting global climate change. The goal of the trip is to boost bilateral trade and environmental protection, and it will provide the governor and other participants an opportunity to discuss how California might play a role in […]

UNEP releases report on intergrating REDD+ into Green Economy Approaches

An investment of US $30 billion per year, which is under 7% of the US $480 billion paid in annual global fossil fuel subsidies, in the REDD+ forest conservation initiative can accelerate the global transition to green and sustainable growth and ensure the long-term well being of tens of millions in developing countries– stated the […]

California and Peru sign MOU with focus on climate change

California has gained another partner in the fight against global climate change with signing a memorandum of understanding with Peru.

California joins Washington, Oregon and British Columbia to reduce emissions

On October 28, California Governor Jerry Brown joined Washington state, Oregon and British Columbia in Canada to form the Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy to reduce carbon emissions along the Pacific coast.

Take the Governor’s Climate Science pledge

Take the Governor’s Climate Science pledge Take action to reduce California’s impact on tropical deforestation and use the cap-and-trade program to protect global forests and stop the 15% of global emissions that result from the destruction and degradation of forests. Support California’s tropical forest sectoral crediting actions through their partnerships and linking more partners to […]