Presentations from April 28th ARB Public Workshop on Linkage and Sector-Based Offsets

The workshop continued the public process to develop potential 2016 amendments to the Cap-and-Trade Regulation (Regulation). ARB staff continued the discussion to evaluate the potential to include international, sector-based offset credits issued by subnational programs designed to reduce emissions from tropical deforestation and forest degradation within the Cap-and-Trade Regulation. This event was held on Thursday, […]

Updated ARB Schedule for Cap-and-Trade and Mandatory GHG Reporting Regulation Amendment Process

California Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) staff is developing proposals for 2016 amendments to the California Cap on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Market Based Compliance Mechanisms (Cap-and-Trade Program) that will seek to improve Program efficiency and chart post-2020 implementation of the Program, as well as supporting changes to the Regulation for the Mandatory Reporting […]

California and Chile work plan on climate change includes reducing deforestation

California Governor Brown and the President of the Republic of Chile, Ms. Michelle Bachelet, signed an agreement on climate change last week in New York. Point 5 highlights forests and the importance of focusing on reducing deforestation. Read more about about the joint declaration


The Forests 4 Climate Initiative is the redesigned version of the REDD Offset Working Group (ROW), which was established in February 2011 as a result of a Memorandum of Understanding signed in November 2010 between the Governors of California, Chiapas, and Acre, as part of a collaborative effort to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest […]

Under 2 MOU – Subnational Global Climate Leadership Memorandum of Understanding

Learn more about the Under 2 MOU by visiting

Gov. Brown Addresses World Leaders on Climate

California stood in the international spotlight once again as Governor Jerry Brown addressed world leaders in New York last week on the importance of combating climate change at the state level, and discussed expanding the state’s landmark climate goals. The speech was part of the United Nations 2014 Climate Summit in New York that brought […]

New Global Agreement on Forests

At the recent landmark Climate Summit in New York City, one achievement stood out among the rest: the international agreement to end global deforestation by 2030. The New York Declaration on Forests was signed by 150 businesses, numerous NGOs, indigenous peoples and governments including the state of California. The commitment, if achieved, could result in […]

Stanford Draws Links Between CA Drought and Greenhouse Gases

Scientists have tentatively drawn a link between human-induced climate change and California’s ongoing record drought. The atmospheric patterns behind the severe drought in California are “very likely” due to human-induced climate change, and are more likely to occur in the future with increased greenhouse gases, according to a study by scientists at Stanford University. The report, […]

Tropical States Forge a Path for Climate

Tropical states and provinces gathered in Rio Branco, Brazil on August 11th to commit to reduce deforestation 80% by 2020. The agreement could ultimately result in 3.8 billion tons of avoided CO2 emissions; for reference, California’s current commitments under AB32 will avoid an estimated 80 million tons of CO2 emissions by 2020. The states who signed the Rio […]