California and Peru sign MOU with focus on climate change

California has gained another partner in the fight against global climate change with signing a memorandum of understanding with Peru.

Last month, Governor Jerry Brown and Ambassador of Peru to the United States Harold Forsyth met in San Francisco to sign the MOU.

This is one of several agreements California signed in the past year with other states and countries to address climate change issues such as reducing carbon emissions and deforestation. This particular agreement does not add Peru to California’s cap-and-trade program, but California recently formed the Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy with Washington state, Oregon and British Columbia as well as forged other partnerships with Quebec and China.

“Today, California and Peru have pledged to work together on issues of mutual concern, including trade, science and initiatives to combat climate change,” Governor Brown said in a press release.

The main features of the MOU is for both California and Peru to focus on climate change mitigation efforts like reducing greenhouse gas emissions through their agricultural and forestry sectors. Though both jurisdictions want to improve environmental conditions, they still want to strengthen the economy through partnerships between academic institutions and business-to-business activities.

“This is a historic step in the dynamic and prosperous bilateral relationship between Peru and the state of California — one of the strongest markets in the world,” Ambassador Forsyth said in a press release. “The agreement is a model of cooperation, trade liberalization and investment promotion between the North and South. The peoples of California and Peru will be the direct beneficiaries and that will help create stronger bridges between our countries.”

Some of the proposed economic-driven activities include training opportunities on applying technology to improve plant (fruits and vegetables) and animal (livestock and poultry) production in an effort to expand sustainable agricultural practices that reduce fertilizer and water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The proposal also goes into both jurisdictions wanting to create opportunities from kindergarten to university level to promote science-related curricula.

The entire MOU can be found here.

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